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Full Version: Type-8 Offender
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Type-8 Offender: a prototype AX shuttle by AZIE
[Image: 5Jp93mY.png]
Type-8 Offender is a modification of Spacebuild Wraith Bomber fitted specifically to fight The Borg.
It relies on its superb maneuverability and pilot's skill, as well as power redirection, and can outrun incoming projectiles.
Basic armaments include 10 plasma emitters, all placed on top of each nacelle.
There are no shields so that weapons can receive the most amount of power. (+ Energy bank of the ship is very limited and cannot adequately supply everything)
Real tests showed that borg beams almost one-shot the ship. AZIE has queued stronger shuttle with decent hull hitpoints and shields in its production.
[Image: rAHw4v1.png]
Hull strength: 15000 HP
Shields: N/A
Mainframe: AZIE CockpitOS
Warp drive: BSG FTL
Speed: Can outrun Class 2 Shuttle and dodge ancient drones
How to fly
Due to the nature of the ship, the pilot must bind roll keys and face The Borg (or any other enemy) with their top while giving max thrust forward. That way, the ship will outrun incoming projectiles and even missiles (or outmaneuver incoming missiles, especially if you engage [Evasive Maneuvers] and fly in asteroid area)
Below is depicted the basic maneuver
[Image: c7jZ7LA.png]
The main benefit is, if The Borg catches you with its tractor beam, you can continue to exert 100% of your firepower (though considering how fragile this ship is, you won't live to see it die)
AZIE CockpitOS
AZIE introduces its unique Elite Dangerous-esque HUD that goes extremely well with TSCM hud. "The Borg are a threat to all of TSCM, so the ship must feel like it was made by people of TSCM in our common goal".
  • Press arrow keys to navigate in the menus
  • Press enter to confirm choice
  • Press backspace to close currently opened window
  • Press M to open list of galaxies
  • Press J to engage warp jump
  • Press T to target ship core / shuttle / The Borg / The Swaggull ahead
  • Hold LMB to open fire
  • Press up/down to put pips to engines
[Image: IKwEvAg.png]
ST2005, CEO of AZIE: "I must admit, just taking Wraith and putting stuff on it wasn't either creative or very effective: because of the nature of that prop, it has very low base stats and it's hard to improve them. Moreover, because of energy problems, you can barely maintain exertion of the immense firepower it boasts. And yet, we at AZIE believe that AX Shuttles have a bright future, and even if our first prototype starship didn't make up to expectations of the all of us, we will continue working on this common goal. As long as The Borg threat our galaxies, we will not rest. Besides, it was a great opportunity to try out new battle tactics and our new mainframe, so we wouldn't call it a complete flop."
Download. [ALERT: Due to parenting issues, you must use autoparent tool on it yourself before using!]
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Funny ship, also nice thread, I like how wrote it and it's funny c: