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Holographic Shield Status - Veegi - 22-11-2018 06:35 PM

I have decided to make my new ST shield display public.
It creates a holographic display of your ship and its shields, and displays the strength of each face of the shield. It will also react to armour.

[Image: 2a6Rn6H.jpg]

You can find the chip in my shared folder:
Place it as either a processor or an emitter somewhere on your ship, and you'll be ready to go for basic usage (Emitter will have halo effects).

If you want to customize the display, you can activate its chat commands by using the SF entity; you should receive a message indicating the state of your chip's chat interaction.
Using the entity again will disable interaction, and you can interact with multiple chips at a time.
All customization will be saved for duplication, including custom styles.

I have already been planning for new functionality, like target display and hull/plating info; the chip will automatically update with the newest functionality and possible fixes.

All commands are case-insensitive.

Command prefix:


style <style, reset or custom>
Sets the style of the shield display. By default all ST shield styles are supported (e.g. "Federation", "Klingon", "Romulan", "Cardassian").
Example usage: "/hss style romulan"
You can also reset the style back to your shield's style with the following command:
style reset
You can also add a custom style like so, replacing <name> as the name of your new style, and <R>, <G>, and <B> with your colour's R, G, and B channels respectively:
style custom <name> <R> <G> <B>

width <width>
Sets the width of the shield display in units. The default width is 150 units.
Example usage: "/hss width 200"

move <X> <Y> <Z>
Moves the display relative to its current location
Example usage: "/hss move 0 0 50" (Moves it 50 units upwards)

rotate <P> <Y> <R>
Rotates the display relative to its current rotation
Example usage: "/hss rotate 0 180 0" (Rotates it 180° around the Z-axis)

setpos <X> <Y> <Z>
Directly sets the display's position relative to the SF entity. Default position is { 0, 0, 50 }
Example usage: "/hss setpos 0 0 50"

setang <P> <Y> <R>
Directly sets the display's rotation.
Example usage: "/hss setang 0 0 0"

RE: Holographic Shield Status - T-20 - 22-11-2018 08:53 PM

wow PogChamp Clap

RE: Holographic Shield Status - тѕсм.The17thDoctor - 24-11-2018 12:25 PM

I give it 11/10 Heart

RE: Holographic Shield Status - Forley - 07-01-2019 01:14 PM

Hey !
Nice work men Wink

Can you make it compatible with atlantis shield maybe ?