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Asgard Teleporter E2 - StormFusions - 14-05-2019 11:50 AM

Thought I code a Asgard Teleporter E2 for people that like to use the Asgard Teleporter instead of the Transporter Pad!

Download the text file and place it in Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\expression2

  • /tp home | Teleports you to Asgard teleporter
  • /tp me [playername,location,back] | Teleports you to player,location that saved or teleports you back to your previous position
  • /tp me [playername] [pad/asgard] | Teleports you to player's transporter pad or Asgard teleporter
  • /tp [playername] [location,home,player] | Teleports player to location, your Asgard teleporter,player
  • /tp [playername] [playername] [pad/asgard] | Teleports player to second player's transporter pad/Asgard Teleporter
  • /tp [playername] [space,back] | Teleports player to space or back to previous location
  • /tp that [home, playername,space,back] | Teleports the entity you aiming at to your Asgard teleporter, player, space or back to previous location
  • /tp save [name] | Saves player location to the system
  • /tp player [add,remove] | Add/removes player access to the teleport system
  • /tp print [save,allowed] | Prints save location or players that are allowed to access the Asgard teleporter
  • /tp help | Prints all commands for the e2

.Pho | For the search function in the E2